Bespoke Bedroom Units

These bespoke pieces of furniture were created at the design of the client for specific purpose storage. The first unit is a storage unit doubled up as a dressing area as there are specific spaces for storage of shoe boxes down each side and shelves for storage in the middle. This storage space is topped with a dressing table for storage of cosmetics with a decent sized mirror and remote
controlled LED strip lights to assist visually when getting ready. New power socket installed to provide any electrical goods that may be required e.g. hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers etc.

The second unit was created as storage for a variety of things, firstly the client has a new found interest in cocktail making so storage was needed for cocktail ingredients. Secondly, it is used to conceal the storage of their valuables in their safe which is bolted to the wall. Finally the second half of the unit was for storage of some games consoles, cocktail making kit and a charging bank for
electronic devices such as portable speakers, beard trimmer etc. This unit also contains motion sensored LED strip lights so when the doors open the lights come on for a futuristic touch. Both units were hand built and sprayed using a compressed air powered spray gun for a higher quality flat finish.

Bespoke storage/dressing unit for the client to store shoes and also get dressed with remote controlled LED lighting to assist visually

Unit created to maximise the storage potential whilst looking neat and tidy at the same time.

Bespoke storage unit with motion sensor LED lighting for client to house specific items neatly in South West London

Unit created to store bottles, safe and games consoles in a neat and tidy fashion.